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Shocking: The Owner of a Cafe Did This to a Homeless Man After Begging for Some Money.

Kindness is behaviour of a good characteristic; concern for others and a pleasant disposi...


Viral Photos Of These Beautiful Girls in a Village Can Beat Victoria Secrets Model And Surely You'll Fall in Love.

When you imagine a village girl, their appearance is very simple having their traditional o...


These Filipina Teenagers Took Boxing in the Street to the Next Level. The Result is Brutal.

In the middle of the crowd of young men cheering the two Filipina teenagers fighting to e...


A Boy Who Always Hit by his Teacher Because of Being Late at School Everyday. Will Touch Your Heart.

 In this story one of the students receives a punishment everyday by slams the palm using a...


This Beautiful Girl Steals 12 Thousand Pesos in a Restaurant Caught in CCTV.

This young woman has a new modus operandi by pretending that she’s the daughter of the nea...


WATCH: This Pretty Girl Fell Miserably While Showing her Sizzling Hot Dancing Moves on Street With Her Friends

In a celebration of this group of friends, they are drinking in streets. At first they are ...


WATCH: This Seaman With His Mistress Was Caught by the Real Wife in Motel.

In “Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code states that keeping a mistress in the conjugal d...


This Woman Broadcast Live Herself Social Media to Attract More Followers Caught by Police.

Sherry Gun also known as ‘ Lin ’, a 21-year-old woman was sentenced of four years imprison...


You Have to See This Why Kim Domingo's Sexy Photos Went Viral in Just Few Minutes.

Kimberly Domingo, popularly known as Kim Domingo, is a Filipino actress; model and TV host ...


Shocking Incident Where This Man Straggle a Lady Because of her Friends Debt.

Another video has already gone viral over thousands of views (156,000 times with 1,600 reac...

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